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Meet Our Team

Introducing Vicki

Vicki headshot


I have worked in the Artarmon office since July 2012. In that time I have thoroughly enjoyed working within a health and wellbeing environment. I have had an opportunity to meet many new people and learn about the discipline of SOT chiropractic. I have seen chiropractors for the last 5 years and regularly benefit from their treatments.

In my own time I enjoy regular physical activity and being a mum of 3 children and first-time grandmother from June 2013. I look forward to continuing my role as a CA in the future and meeting the needs of our regular and future patients.

Introducing Cassie



In July 2006, I joined the team in Artarmon and embarked upon my first experience of Chiropractic. Natural therapies has always been a passion of mine and in the past I have studied various modalities including massage, aromatherapy and have enjoyed variety of other bodywork courses. Another passion I have is working with children. I get to do a lot of this now that I am full time in the Surry Hills office. Outside of office hours I also teach children’s swim classes & have had particular training and experience in the teaching of children with disabilities. All these experiences I bring to our many & varied team at Central To Health, as well as keeping an eye on our practitioners and keeping them in line (the work with kids comes in handy here too hehehehe).

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My personal experience with Chiropractic has been particularly marked with the fact that I have been a sufferer of asthma & really hate relying on medication to relieve my symptoms. Regular adjustments with Bec & Darren have helped me to approach the condition from a much more holistic & natural perspective. My only hope now is that my regular checkups will at long last help me learn how to drive!!! You never know what you can achieve with a properly working nervous system

Introducing Sophia



I am lucky enough to have had chiropractic care all my life, as my dad is a chiropractor in Queensland. Growing up heavily involved in sports I have always been passionate about overall wellness and preventative health, as well as keeping physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.

I first came across Central to Health after attending the Surry Hills practice as a patient when I moved to Sydney in 2016. I loved the positive environment and welcoming atmosphere of the practice and that everyone was so friendly! After deciding to follow in my dad and sister’s footsteps, I started my Chiropractic studies in 2018 and am now a third year student about to complete my undergraduate studies.
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I wanted to gain more experience in a SOT based practice whilst working as a chiropractic assistant and when applying for jobs couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather work. I find the human body completely fascinating and cannot wait to get more clinical experience in my masters and join the chiropractic profession!

In my spare time I love to stay active by going to the gym or hiking and camping! Anything that gets me outdoors away from the computer and textbooks. I’m also passionate about meditation, yoga and food (both the cooking and eating parts!)

Introducing Ashley



I have chosen to dedicate my entire life to being in the best optimal health I can be. I ensure I surround myself with things that keep me strong and challenge my body and min to it’s absolute limit. Living a disciplined life keeps me happy and healthy and allows me to be prepared for anything life throws me. I am currently studying to receive my Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Guiding Meditation. But on my days off I like to fill my day with yoga, dancing, reading, tai chi, pilates, bouldering.

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I was first introduced to Chiropractic work by volunteering as a CA for the annual trip of ‘Hands on India’ where chiropractors provide care, medical assistance, education and micro-industry loans to the people of Siliguri West Bengal India. Having the opportunity to see the work that was done for the tea pickers and children in Siliguri truly opened my eyes in seeing just how life changing chiropractic work can be for the body. The impact I’ve seen it have on the lives of people who have been in the care of a Chiropractor is inspiring, it makes me very happy to be apart of this team and to assist in helping others.

Introducing Tamara

Tamara Rouse


Maintaining balance and wellbeing through personalised health and self-care practices. Feed the body. Feed the mind. Feed the soul. I am a naturopathic healthcare practitioner who uses nutritional therapies, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and Bach flower essences alongside Ayurvedic principles for diet and living to assist the body’s natural self-healing capabilities to gently restore and maintain health and wellbeing. The naturopathic approach to health and disease views every individual as unique, requiring a tailored treatment program to suit their particular condition and lifestyle. As a naturopathic healthcare practitioner I will work with you to identify problem areas using non-invasive and restorative agents to treat the whole person rather than just relieve symptoms.
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With training from Nature Care College and the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney as well as a Bachelor of Arts from UNSW Sydney, my primary aim is to promote wellbeing by supporting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. For the last 20 years, I have sought out complementary healthcare modalities including natural medicine, chiropractic and acupuncture to support my growing family during times of ill health. The holistic approach bears out my belief that the body has profound ability to heal itself, and that nature and traditional medicine have provided us with the tools for this. My interest in health spans the various life stages from preconception care, pregnancy and post-natal care, to childhood illnesses, autism and special needs, puberty, menopause, andropause and elder care. I love reading and learning and I’m always keen to get to the bottom of a problem to help solve it. I believe food is medicine and am passionate about promoting healthy food and eating habits. I have an interest in Ayurvedic cooking, gluten- and dairy-free cooking, and how to create delicious and nutritionally-dense vegan desserts. My mission is to find a way to make an organic, toxic-free diet and lifestyle more affordable for everyone.

Introducing Kate



I have always had a deep interest in health and wellbeing throughout my life, specifically the importance of preventative and recovery measures. Growing up in an extremely active family, my parents always advocated how essential it was to look after your mind and body. From a young age, they introduced me to many holistic forms of care, with chiropractic being the one that really resonated and continues to resonate with me.

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When I came to Sydney, my practitioner from home told me that Central To Health was where I needed to go. The moment I stepped foot into CTH I understood why – it is more than just a chiropractic clinic, it is a family and an environment that goes above and beyond to provide care and assistance in any possible way.

As a first-year Chiropractic student, I wanted to gain experience in the industry and immerse myself in an environment that aligned with my values, whilst teaching me the skills to be the best practitioner I can be, and for me, there was no other place than CTH.

I love to be active and enjoy playing sports, as well as reading, cooking and spending time with family and friends in my spare time. I also love being able to connect with people (especially over a good cup of tea) but also enjoy having time to myself to recharge and relax.

Introducing Clare



I first came across Central To Health whilst I was pregnant in 2018, and with a number of issues which led me to more of an SOT approach. Darren and Bec were able to work their magic and I was ever so grateful for the continual care they showed me.

I am grateful for the lifelong chiropractic care I have received which has seen my body benefit in a number of ways. My son has also been under care since birth and is thriving under Central To Health’s care.
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Now, with both my brothers and sister in law chiropractors themselves, I hold chiropractic care in a special place in our family.

I have a strong interest for holistic care and wellbeing. I thoroughly enjoy being part of a caring and passionate work place.