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Meet Our Team

Introducing Vicki

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I have worked in the Artarmon office since July 2012. In that time I have thoroughly enjoyed working within a health and wellbeing environment. I have had an opportunity to meet many new people and learn about the discipline of SOT chiropractic. I have seen chiropractors for the last 5 years and regularly benefit from their treatments.

In my own time I enjoy regular physical activity and being a mum of 3 children and first time grandmother from June 2013. I look forward to continuing my role as a CA in the future and meeting the needs of our regular and future patients.

Introducing Cassie



In July 2006, I joined the team in Artarmon and embarked upon my first experience of Chiropractic. Natural therapies has always been a passion of mine and in the past I have studied various modalities including massage, aromatherapy and have enjoyed variety of other bodywork courses. Another passion I have is working with children. I get to do a lot of this now that I am full time in the Surry Hills office. Outside of office hours I also teach children’s swim classes & have had particular training and experience in the teaching of children with disabilities. All these experiences I bring to our many & varied team at Central To Health, as well as keeping an eye on our practitioners and keeping them in line (the work with kids comes in handy here too hehehehe).

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My personal experience with Chiropractic has been particularly marked with the fact that I have been a sufferer of asthma & really hate relying on medication to relieve my symptoms. Regular adjustments with Bec & Darren have helped me to approach the condition from a much more holistic & natural perspective. My only hope now is that my regular checkups will at long last help me learn how to drive!!! You never know what you can achieve with a properly working nervous system

Introducing Lucy



It was through my sister that I first heard about the Central To Health office in Artarmon. Originally from Toowoomba, I have been studying Chiropractic in QLD at CQU in Brisbane since 2015 & like all east coast Chiropractic students had to move to Sydney to complete my Masters Degree at Macquarie University. My sister was a patient of the Artarmon office & recommended I contact Bec & Darren when I arrived in Sydney to get a more practical aspect to my education. Keen to make contact, Dr Bec & I did a phone interview at the end of my 3rd year & I had the job before I even arrived in the state.

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My Chiropractic journey started as a child when I first started seeing a Chiropractor for headaches. It wasn’t long before I had a passion for Chiropractic and couldn’t wait to learn how to be a Chiropractor myself. I am scheduled to complete my Masters Degree in December 2019.

Outside of work and study, I love getting outside and going for long walks in nature. I also have a keen interest in nutrition, cooking & reading.