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Meet Our Team

Introducing Cassie



In July 2006, I joined the team in Artarmon and embarked upon my first experience of Chiropractic. Natural therapies has always been a passion of mine and in the past I have studied various modalities including massage, aromatherapy and have enjoyed variety of other bodywork courses. Another passion I have is working with children. I get to do a lot of this now that I am full time in the Surry Hills office. Outside of office hours I also teach children’s swim classes & have had particular training and experience in the teaching of children with disabilities. All these experiences I bring to our many & varied team at Central To Health, as well as keeping an eye on our practitioners and keeping them in line (the work with kids comes in handy here too hehehehe).
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My personal experience with Chiropractic has been particularly marked with the fact that I have been a sufferer of asthma & really hate relying on medication to relieve my symptoms. Regular adjustments with Bec & Darren have helped me to approach the condition from a much more holistic & natural perspective. My only hope now is that my regular checkups will at long last help me learn how to drive!!! You never know what you can achieve with a properly working nervous system ;0)

Introducing Sally



A few years ago I was in desperate need of help with some back pain I was experiencing. On the recommendation of a friend I made an appointment with Wendy Hickleton to see if Chiropractic could be the answer. Wendy assured me that if I made a commitment to a 6week schedule of care it would make an enormous difference to my life. Boy was she right!

I was absolutely amazed at what could be achieved with Chiropractic care and was keen to be part of the amazing team at Artarmon. I started on the front desk here in early 2011 and am continually astounded at the everyday miracles that occur. I love seeing people come in with all sorts of health problems and then have them leave the office on the right path to better health. I have such a great sense of fulfillment in my role in this process.
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Outside of my Central To Health life, I am also married with 3 fantastic children who are all committed to a wide range of sporting & active endeavours. I spend my winters on a variety of sporting sidelines and have recently gotten on the court myself, playing Netball once a week. Currently I am studying a Diploma of management and am enjoying the challenge of getting back into studying after such a long break away.

Introducing Emma

Emma G


Hi! I’m Emma the new CA at Alexandria! Even though I have only just joined the team I love the caring nature of everyone in all the clinics and the fun attitude everyone has to life and work. I am fairly new to the world of chiropractic however I previously have worked in a physiotherapist practice and so the concept of wellness and healthy living has always been a prominent part of my life!

I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney and have recently moved closer into the CBD and have loved every second of my new fast paced lifestyle! So when I am not at work or studying you could easily find me at the beach or out enjoying Sydney food with my friends and family!Read more…

I have been involved in netball since a young age and it has helped me not only lead a healthier lifestyle but in recent years it has turned into more of a social game rather than a competitive one which I love, it is just another way to hang out with friends while staying fit!

As I’m sure many of the patients I have already met can work out, I love to talk and have a chat to everyone and hear about their different life stories! I am so excited to have a new start to 2014 and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Introducing Vicki



I have worked in the Artarmon office since July 2012. In that time I have thoroughly enjoyed working within a health and wellbeing environment. I have had an opportunity to meet many new people and learn about the discipline of SOT chiropractic. I have seen chiropractors for the last 5 years and regularly benefit from their treatments.

In my own time I enjoy regular physical activity and being a mum of 3 children and first time grandmother from June 2013. I look forward to continuing my role as a CA in the future and meeting the needs of our regular and future patients.

Introducing Sam



I’ve enjoyed the benefits of chiropractic care for over 10 years now, and really believe in the power it has to maintain holistic health. Whenever I get sick, the first place I physically feel it is in my back so I have always endevoured to keep my spine as healthy as possible – so that I can be as healthy as possible! I completed a Bachelor in Exercise Science/Human Movement Studies at the University of QLD in 2009 but wasn’t sure where I was heading with it. So I took off overseas for a couple of years and have recently moved to Sydney to complete the Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Studies at Macquarie University in order to qualify for their masters program.Read more…

I’ve recently joined the team at Central to Health as a CA, which is exciting in because I get so much exposure to the various chiropractic techniques as well as the opportunity to interact with patients and learn the “ins and outs” of a successful clinic. Working in an actual practice is the dream job while I’m at university so I feel very lucky to have Bec, Darren & the team in my life.

Outside of university and the practice, you can find me at the gym or on the beach (whenever it’s sunny – that’s been the biggest thing missing since I’ve moved down from QLD!). I love hitting dance classes, sometimes too much, so luckily I have Bec & Darren to keep my spine in check!

Introducing Ronan



Hi! I’m the new CA here at Central to Health, you may have seen me around Surry Hills and Artarmon. Although spending most of my life going to Chiropractors this will be my first experience working in one, which I’m very excited about. I believe Chiropractic care is one of the best things you can do for yourself and the chiropractors here at Central to Health are easily some the best! Within just a few short months of working here I have only now started to understand the awesome effect that chiropractic care can have on such a wide variety of problems.

Recently, I have just completed my undergraduate of Chiropractic Science at Macquarie University and will be continuing my studies in 2015 with a Masters degree in Chiropractic.

Outside of work and university life (which isn’t much now!) I enjoy keeping myself fit and travelling the coast doing ocean swims or out during the week playing Oztag in Cronulla.

I’ll be in the Alexandria clinic and look forward to helping the awesome team there to provide you with the best Chiropractic care possible.