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Welcome Dr Amy

Dr Amy Marshall (chiropractor)

Dr Amy Marshall (chiropractor)

I’m so excited to be joining the fantastic Central To Health team. Here’s a little about me.

My interest in chiropractic began when I was about 13 years old and suffered from headaches every couple of weeks. These headaches would completely knock me about and the only support I was given was to take pain relief and rest for a few days … what a way to live! Thankfully my Dad introduced me to chiropractic and my life completely changed,  headaches gone & my eyes opened to a whole new way of looking at health.

As I got older, the principles of chiropractic and the concept of being able to treat patients as a whole inspired me. So that is exactly how I practice, focusing on holistic health, trying to help patients achieve their goals and be their best selves.

As a practitioner I have a particular interest in the treatment of headaches/migraines and chronic pain as well as the fields of pregnancy and paediatric care. I practice using a variety of techniques including SOT, activator and manual diversified & Gonstead adjustments.

When I’m not in the Surry Hills or Artarmon offices, my husband Ben & I love nothing more than spending time with our gorgeous bunny rabbit Barney & our fabulous (and huge) extended families with whom we spend as much time as possible. In particular, we love hanging out with my divine 3 year old niece who I am training up to be a mini-Chiropractor as she “adjusts” all her toys & any family member who will stay still long enough for a “click”.

Dr Amy Marshall is now available in our Surry Hills & Artamon offices

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